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The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is HERE!

The 2019 edition of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is HERE! If you have grabbed a copy in prior years (which is definitely possible since it’s been around since 2012 with 88,000+ bundles sold), you’re going to want to know what’s new with this year’s bundle. And why you should totally grab yourself a copy.

Hazelnut Coffee Bath Bombs

if you’re anything like me, you love coffee and taking baths! These bath bombs are super easy to make and smell amazing. Take charge of your next self-care Sunday and DIY your own spa experience!

7 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself First 

On any given day, your heart may be getting pulled between a lot of different things. If you're married, your heart belongs to your spouse. And if you have kids, your heart is split equally between all of them as well. Before you know it, you've let your love for everyone else put your love for yourself on the backburner.

5 Ways to Reset Your Soul

Soul searching is something that millions of Americans do each and every day. But what happens when the soul needs some extra time to recover and keep moving forward? Is it possible for souls to reset and become "recharged" with a simple change in your daily activity and life? While the ability to reset your soul is an opinion, there are ways that you can attempt to make it happen.

4 Self-Care Tips To Start Your Day Off Right

Mornings can be a little rough...While they are the start of each and every day for every single person, most people tend to have a negative outlook immediately on the day once that alarm clock starts buzzing. (Seriously, how many times do you hit snooze throughout the day?) If you're like the majority of the world, you may feel the exact same way.

​How to Minimize Anxiety With Ease

There are many proven ways to minimize anxiety with ease and sometimes this can happen without medication. However, when you meet with your doctor to address your symptoms of anxiety, they may recommend an anxiety or anti-depressant medication which is totally okay! 

10 Self-Care Resources You Can Use Every Day!

The truth is we are better women, wives, mothers, and businesswomen when we take care of ourselves. From finding inspiration to drinking our water and paying attention to our physical health we have many amazing options to help us balance self-care with everyday life. These great ideas will help you take better care of your self because you deserve it.