When a Dishwasher Makes You Question Everything...

When a Dishwasher Makes You Question Everything...

“My husband is trying to sabotage me” I said frustrated.

My coach gets this funny look in her eye right when she’s about to call me on my shit. I could see it coming so I took a deep breath and opened myself up to whatever revelation she was about to hit me with.

Let’s set the scene:

  • I was exactly one week into full time entrepreneurship

  • My husband was already planning a full kitchen remodel

  • He’d already ordered the dishwasher - it would be there within a week


“He’s not sabotaging you, HE believes in YOU so much that he’s diving in and trusting! You’re the one sabotaging you.”


The truth of her words knocked me metaphorically to the floor.

She was right. Of course she was.

Here I was already trying to calculate how I would add a dishwasher into our existing budget and how I would manage to bring in enough income to replace my old wage, AND a dishwasher - was he crazy? Give me a few months! Let me get on my feet - give me time!

That shift in perspective may have saved my marriage!

My own limiting mindset was getting in my way! I’m a manifesting magician and here I was putting limits on my capacity to receive!

The lesson? Even coaches need coaches and daily mindset work is vital to our mission.

We all fall into the trap - we let ego get in the way, we allow it to cast shadows over our visions and undermine our confidence in achieving our goals.

That’s why it’s so incredibly important to take time each day to connect with our inner soul’s voice - to remind us how strong, beautiful and well equipped we are to thrive each and every day.

How can you avoid a dishwasher sized catastrophe in your life?

  • Take a deep breath and ask for a new perspective - your guides will show you

  • Ask a coach, peer, or friend to help you shift that perspective if you’re having trouble on your own

  • Take time to work on your mindset daily - I like this mantra “you are safe, you are loved, you are whole always”

  • Know that everything is happening FOR you and not TO you

The universe really does have your back - so trust it - you got this! You’re far more strong and beautiful than you could ever know.


About the author

Shelly Petersen is an amazing psychic medium and intuitive artist who designs custom Mala meditation beads. In her coaching practice she helps women reconnect to their divine feminine power through Malas, meditation, and the law of attraction.

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