The 5 Best Crystals For Stress Relief

The 5 Best Crystals For Stress Relief

Something that Nicole and I have in common is our love for crystals. In fact, when we buy new ones we send each other pictures of our newest additions and share in each other's excitement. Hey, some girls swoon over the newest designer pumps and others drool over Crystals. 

Crystals are something I first discovered about 6 or 7 years ago. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty skeptical. I didn't understand how a bunch of rocks could alter my mood. It wasn't until I had my first Crystal Therapy Healing Session that I became a believer. I instantly became the most relaxed I'd been in years! I could literally feel the energy swirling around me and feeling an incredible sense of calmness. Before I knew it, I was looking up metaphysical stores so I could buy as many crystals as I possibly could. 

Since then I've been incorporating crystals into my daily life. I throw them in my pocket (or bra) on days when I need a little extra boost, or keep them around me when I'm writing blog posts. Crystals can do some pretty amazing things, from lifting your mood, reducing debt, increasing focus, allowing more love into your life, the list goes on and on. One of the main reasons I became a Crystal believer was because I saw the impact it had on my stress levels. 

I had just moved out into my first apartment with my husband, gotten married and lost my job all within a period of 3 months. All that on top of the stress I was under while planning the wedding, I really felt like my crazy high stress levels, would be my new norm. To say Crystals changed my life is an understatement.

The good news is if you're feeling totally stressed, you don't have to take time out of your day to go to a Crystal Therapy Healing session (even though I totally recommend it), you can grab some crystals and reduce your stress at home, or even better, on the go (as a last resort of course)! So if you're struggling with high levels of stress, I've been there! Believe me, there is a way to feel normal again, just keep reading!

Here are the 5 best crystals for stress relief:



Amethyst as been known to clear the mind of negative thoughts including stress, anxiety and fear. It is a popular meditation stone and calms the nervous system. This has also been known to help with Insomnia and a decent amount of sleep is needed to help reduce stress, so it's a win-win! Check out this website to better understand the link between stress and insomnia.  


Rose Quartz

This crystal is usually referred to as the "self love stone". It's a reminder to take a little bit more "me" time. Having this stone around while taking a nice quiet bubble bath, is sure to reduce the mental chatter and increase your self compassion. Sometimes a situation is much less stressful, but because we put so much pressure on ourselves to do well, we end up putting more stress on ourselves. You can even hold a Rose quartz in your hand and close your eyes. You'll start to feel your body instantly relax!



The happiness stone. This stone is said to remind us of the sun, not only because of the colour, but because of it's warm and comforting affects.  Citrine has been said to replace feelings of stress with refreshing calmness. 


Black Tourmaline

Famous for grounding and removing negative energy. It's a purifying stone that is said to cleanse the body of negative thoughts, anger and anxiety. 


Clear Quartz

Known as the "All Healing stone." Clear quotes not only promotes clear thinking but amplifies the strength of any other crystal. This is a good crystal to use in conjunction with any other one that resonates with you. 



Just looking at this pretty blue stone reduces stress and anxiety so this is a great one to keep on your desk at work. Although this is more of an intuition stone, it has been known to calm panic attacks, balance emotions and reduce tension. I learned some really exciting stuff about Sodalite here including how sculptors, painters, and artists were known to carry Sodalite for inspiration, and this shade of blue was considered to be sacred (sacre bleu). How cool is that!?

It's important to remember that each crystal has a certain energy. There may be some on this list that you don't resonate with. For example I LOVE Amethyst crystals, I practically use it for everything, especially if I'm feeling stressed or overwhelmed, but I've had a few people tell me that Amethyst makes them feel more jittery. Use whatever crystal, or crystals work for you. 

If you're a newbie to crystals (hey, we've all been there!) and not quite sure how to actually use them, feel free to check out my previous blog post 7 Ways To Incorporate Crystals Into Your Daily Life.

Do you have a go-to stress relief crystal? I'd love to know what it is in the comments!


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