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5 Things I’ve Learned In The First 5 Years of Marriage

Ahh... Marriage. The first 5 years of wedded bliss is usually when you learn the most about yourself and your spouse. This is also when you find your own lane and how to co-exist as a married couple. Leading up to the wedding, it's usually stress and chaos. There's very little time for you to focus on your own needs because you're too busy focusing on those last minute details.

How to Reconnect with Your Spouse

Being married to your better half is amazing. But, what happens when you one day wake up and realize that your better half has turned into a bit of a mystery to you?  You suddenly feel as if you aren't quite sure of their likes or dislikes anymore and can't think of the last time that you both had time to yourself, with each other. 

6 Ways To Be A Rockstar Wife

In our minds, we are the best wife in the entire world... Am I right? We try our best, we start each day with the best intentions and we spend our time being there for our husband in his time of need.  At least, we feel that we do. But, is that how our husbands view us?  Should it really be a mystery as to how we are viewed?  It shouldn't.