5 Ways to Practice Self Care When You're Feeling Slammed at Work

5 Ways to Practice Self Care When You're Feeling Slammed at Work

The days of hustling are not yet over. If they were, I wouldn’t have so many women coming to me in my practice feeling overwhelmed.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of the day to day. You badly want to be the best friend, the best partner and the best coach. But what about YOU?

Even if you feel like you’re a pro at self-care, media still romanticizes workaholism. A dangerous addiction I felt caught up in for years that ruined many of my relationships, including my romantic relationship of seven years. I badly wish someone would have shook me awake and sent me to workaholics anonymous (if there was one). Ending my relationship helped me massively sober up. Where had I been this whole time?

The truth is, the only way to combat the major anxiety that comes from being a workaholic is through mindful and intentional self-care, even when your schedule is jam packed with clients and a to-do list.

That’s why today I’m sharing with you my ten go-to tips on infusing more things you love in the day-to-day that way you feel more fulfilled and less burnout. These have helped me step away and align with what I’m really craving in both my life and business. They are both the same anyways.

Here are 5 Ways to Practice Self Care When You're Feeling Slammed at Work:

Listen to your body

Your body knows best. Practice listening to your body. What is she telling you? Often when you listen you’ll hear that you need to move around, take a break or even have a drink of water. The more that you listen to your body and make it a priority, the less you will feel like you’re putting yourself last.

Create more white space

Do you currently take mornings off to have a routine designed to kick start your day? What about taking time off midweek or on the weekend? When designing your ideal schedule make sure you have plenty of space to just be you. Rest is essential for growth because it’s here that you explore and align with the things you actually want to be doing!

Find your sacred NO & Practice negotiating instead

I’m a recovering people pleaser. I had a knee jerk reaction to saying YES to everything because it’s so much easier to say yes than no, right? In the short term, yes feels good because we feel like we are helping. Long-term, it creates a whole bunch of anxiety because we wish we would have said no instead. You’re not doing anybody a favor if you’re not being honest with yourself. If it’s hard for you to say no, try negotiating instead. Offer something up that feels good for you.

Stop equating your productivity to your worth

It doesn’t matter how much you get done, you’re never going to feel like you did enough. In a society where your productivity is synonyms for our worth, it’s no wonder we get stuck in this trap. Let me tell you this: you do not have to accomplish or do anything in order to be worthy of love. Love isn’t conditional. So next time you find yourself working for your place in the word, take a break and do a gut check instead.

Get into Nature

After all the medical research we have done, nature still beats everything that’s come into the market. Nature connects you to who you really are and reminds you that you are of this earth. It brings you back to the present moment. Try incorporating more nature into your weekly schedule, it’s personally one of my non-negotiables!


About The Author

Haley Lusk in an entrepreneur, activist and alignment strategist committed to helping women create fulfilling success without burning out. She's committed to empowering women to cultivate the courage to live the life they desire and become the leader of their life. Haley is the Founder of Audacity Project TV, a weekly podcast & channel where women gather from all over the world to connect to how divine and magical they are.

Haley lives in Portland, Oregon with her wife Heather.

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