4 Organizational Hacks To Jumpstart Your Day

4 Organizational Hacks To Jumpstart Your Day

Do you feel super disorganized in the morning to the point where you’re already stressed out before you get out the door? I’ve been there. I’ve even perfected my morning routine and narrowed it down to only 20 minutes (you can find that post here). 

The following 4 (super easy) tasks have been essential to my organizational process and now I want to pass them along to you.

Here are 4 organizational hacks to jumpstart your day:

Plan your outfit the night before.

There’s nothing like trying on 15 items in the morning only to be unsatisfied with all of them. Don’t give yourself a choice. 

Learn how to meal prep or create a weekly plan for dinner.

I’ve honestly struggled with meal prep, so I stuck to meal planning it and totally helped. Meal planning is as basic as it sounds. Just use a whiteboard on your refrigerator (like I do) and write down all of your meals for the week. It takes the guessing out of trying to figure out what to make when you get home.

Need more suggestions? Check out this list of 15 easy dinners for two and 20 slow cooker recipes to save you time!

Clean your purse or tote bag. 

Do this every night and make sure you have everything you need for tomorrow. Make sure that you leave your wallet, keys, and any other must have items aside so you don't forget to put them back in! 

Have an overall plan to stay organized each day.

It doesn’t need to be super specific, but create a game plan for every day and small goals each week. Things don’t always have to be so structured so allow for some spontaneity to keep things fresh and exciting.

Do you have any organizational hacks that save you time every day? Comment below!

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