How To Travel Solo Without Feeling Guilty

How To Travel Solo Without Feeling Guilty

Imagine - lounging poolside, drink in hand, no children demanding your attention, no spouse asking when you’d like to go in and grab dinner. You’re free to relax with the sun on your face for along as you please, and whatever you do next is entirely up to you, too - no pressure at all.

If this sounds like an absolutely dream, that’s because for many of us, it is. We support our families, appease our colleagues, shuttle kids between school and soccer practice, and schedule weekly yoga classes or brunch to squeeze in a few minutes of time with our friends. We rarely - if ever, let’s be honest - pause and spend any real time taking care of ourselves. The idea of traveling alone and spending time away from our everyday stress to rest and recharge can be tempting, but it’s an idea that fills most of us with guilt.


Do you dream of a vacation alone but feel absolutely awful at the thought of ditching your family and friends for a few days? You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

The next time you’re tempted to take a trip alone, you can beat the guilt by keeping a few things in mind...

First, you should remember that everyone needs a break. It’s a fact.

Your kids get months away from school each year to relax and have fun in the form of summer vacation, Spring Break, and countless long weekends and early dismissal days. If you work a traditional office job, it probably comes with a bank of time to take when you need to get away.

You should view the time you spend at home, caring for your significant other or children, in the same light. Nobody expects you to be ‘on’ 100% of the time. Everyone needs a chance to catch their breath and regroup once in a while, and a mini-getaway for one can be the perfect way to do it.

Traveling alone - without friends, family, or kids - can give you the rest and respite you need to be the best mother, partner, and friend you can be.

If you’re feeling guilty at the thought of taking a vacation for yourself, make this your mantra until you stop beating yourself up and focus your energy on finding the best beach to spent the weekend on. You’re probably long overdue for a trip. Remind yourself it’s OK to take time off to rest - I bet you’ve earned it.

You can also beat some of the guilt associated with solo travel by reminding yourself, in some cases, that not everyone wants to travel as much as you. If you’re constantly filled with a sense of wanderlust but your homebody spouse can’t stand the idea of spending so much time away from home, they really may not mind if you decide to spend a weekend exploring a new city alone. If this is your reality, you may be creating unnecessary guilt for yourself around your trips.

When considering a solo trip, you can also keep in mind the fact that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It can be tough to admit, but sometimes, life can get absolutely exhausting. We can find ourselves sick and tired of spending so much time at our jobs or surrounded by our families. If the people and things you love have been getting on your nerves lately, you’re doing yourself a disservice by allowing the stress to build. Find a way to feel some relief - consider a solo trip to create a little distance and let you decompress.

If the idea of taking a few days and exploring somewhere new on your own has been weighing on your mind for awhile, stop holding yourself back. Don’t let feelings of guilt keep you from doing the things you need to take care of yourself. You’ve only got one life to live, and harboring guilt is one of the easiest ways to weigh down your soul and make yourself miserable.

If you’ve ever traveled alone, did you struggle with any feelings of guilt? If so, how did you overcome them to enjoy your time? Let me know in the comments!



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