How to Get Rid of Self-Doubt

How to Get Rid of Self-Doubt

Having someone tell you that you can't do something is frustrating, right?  What if that someone is actually you, constantly telling yourself that?  Creating self-doubt is actually quite common. 

As children, we are doubtful about trying new things, eating new foods, going to school, growing older... As adults, we question every decision we make, we question our career path and our choices that we have made along our way in life about whether or not we made the right ones or not.  It seems to be a common theme in life to doubt ourselves every step along the way.  But, does it have to be that way? Do we truly need to find ways to battle ourselves and our inner-thoughts?  

While there isn't one answer that fits all, there are ways to start the process in attempting to overcome self-doubt. If you truly want to try to stop doubting, there are certain steps that you can do effortlessly and immediately to try and get on the self-love train.

Write it down.

Start a journal, a thought book, an outlet overflow ledger...whatever you want to call it truly doesn't matter, but it just needs to be a place that is private and all yours where you can let the words flow about items that are bothering you and what you would like to fix.  Writing these items down puts them out into the worlds orbit and helps create a feeling of being heard, or listened to, even if it is by yourself.  Thinking doubtful thoughts about yourself, and just letting those words sit in your head, is stressful.  Writing them out can clear up some of that valuable real estate in your brain and allow thoughts of positivity and hopefulness start to brew there instead. 

Be happy.

It is hard at times to see the positive and the good in  situations.  By nature, humans tend to be debbie-downers in life and struggle more with positivity.  Wake up each and every day, and try starting the day with a smile.  You will be surprised at the huge difference it makes in your morning routine.

Talk to yourself in the mirror. 

No, I'm not kidding.  It doesn't make you crazy or loony doing this.  Think about a time when you have counseled someone else in their time of need.  You sat face to face with them, and talked to them.  Why wouldn't you do that with yourself?  Sit in front of a mirror, and start talking.  Tell yourself 3 things you are great at.  Go through your day and talk about how you are going to tackle the day in a positive manner.  Set the precedent and the tone for you!

Forget the past.

Stop dwelling on the "could-haves", the "should-haves" and the "maybe's" of the past.  They are not your present situation.  Thinking of a situation over and over and replaying in your head how you should have done it differently is only holding back your growth and your mental happiness.  The past is just that...over.  While there are times to remember, they doesn't need to be dwelled upon and mourned over.  

Give yourself a goal.

Short term goal, long-term goal...either is great.  By setting a goal, you then have a plan in place to find ways to succeed in hitting that goal.  It gives you a focal point and provides you will the ability to guide yourself to get there. Need some inspiration? Invest in a printable planner that you can use to plan a balanced 2018!

Allow yourself to make mistakes!

We are human!  Mistakes are a part of life, and that is okay.  Each day, we all make mistakes.  They vary in levels of seriousness, but mistakes happen.  To be able to grow and git rid of doubt, one must understand that in life, there is no perfection.  There is no "one size fits all" way to life, and along the way, life happens.  

Change course if needed.

Your path isn't set in stone.  If you set a goal, and it isn't working..that's fine!  Alter it a bit to make it work or readjust your goal.  It is YOUR goal after all, make it beneficial for you!

While there are many ways to over self-doubt, these are just a few that one can do to jump-start their mind into valuing oneself.  Bottom line is, be true to you.  We all know that golden rule, right?  Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Make that your motto in eliminating self-doubt.  Be kind to yourself.  Be true to yourself.  Allow yourself the room to make mistakes and grow, and show yourself some love.  Once you begin to realize how awesome you truly are, those worries and fears of self-doubt will melt away.

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