How to Diffuse Essential Oils at Home

How to Diffuse Essential Oils at Home

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Diffusing essential oils can be enjoyable and even therapeutic when done properly. You can even diffuse the oils in different rooms of your home to create various moods, as well as for different therapies for different people.

Here are some tips on how to diffuse in different areas of your home:

Buy Multiple Diffusers

Having several smaller diffusers can actually be more effective than having one larger diffuser. This also allows you to vary the essential oil blends you use throughout your home. Choose diffusers that are specific to the size of each room they will be used in. Larger rooms may need a stronger or larger diffuser. Also, determine which type of diffuser you will use, based on the room size, type of ventilation in the room, and so on. Some diffusers are heated and some are not. Which you need will depend on your desired usage.

Diffuse Based on Moods of Each Room

Diffusing in different rooms of your home should be about creating specific moods that you would like to have for each room. If your bathroom is your relaxation area, when you diffuse in this room, choose essential oils that create relaxation aromatherapy. Likewise, the kitchen is often a room of excitement, vibrancy, and sweet aromas. Your bedroom might be the area where you need sleep aromatherapy.

Keep Doors Closed

By keeping doors closed, you increase the effectiveness of the diffuser in each room. As the particles have more room to spread out, they will not give you the same benefit. Keeping the door closed when you diffuse in different rooms of your home also ensures each mood is specific to the room it is for, as well as keeps your safe ventilated room free of oils. Remember that when you are done diffusing, you should always air out your room by opening windows and vents. There should be at least one point of air circulation during diffusing as well, for safety.

Keep at Least One Aroma Free Room

You need an aroma free room in case of undiscovered allergies. But you also need this room in case you or someone else needs ventilation. If you have pets or small children, an aroma free room is extremely important, as they shouldn’t be exposed to many essential oils. Some can be poisonous or even fatal. Therefore it’s important to have a room that is well-ventilated and free and clear of any essential oils.

Extra Tips for Diffusing in Multiple Rooms:

  • Don’t diffuse in a room no one is in.

  • Diffuse for only 15-30 minutes at a time.

  • Be sure to use properly diluted oils.

  • Keep pets and small children away from the oils.

  • Don’t sit too close to your diffuser, as inhaling too much can be harmful.


How do you diffuse essential oils in your home? Share your tips and tricks below!

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