How to Build Yourself Up After Emotionally Breaking Down

How to Build Yourself Up After Emotionally Breaking Down

Let's face it.  Sometimes, life just isn't fair. It can be tough out there in the world. Constantly dealing with adulting, decisions, emotions and opinions by others that are so freely offered to us, even when we don't want them. 

Some days, it can be overbearing and down right depressing to think about everything going on.  It may feel as if things are in a downward spiral at times. It's normal to feel down about life and even yourself. We all go through cycles of this at one point in time or another; but it's how you build yourself back up that truly matters. 

Did you know that you can be your own worst enemy but also your number one cheerleader as well in life? You have the ability to take something negative, and turn it around into a positive.  You have the ability to control the path that leads up to happiness. How empowering is that to think about?! So, what steps should one take after emotionally breaking down to start building themselves back up? While these are opinion based, I feel that these steps are a great start:

Don't make excuses to yourself for your feelings. Own them.

It is normal to have a range of emotions. Suppressing those thoughts and feelings can be worse, but by acknowledging them and trying to understand where they are coming from, it allows you to move forward in the steps to start building yourself back up.

Let go of the past.

If the cause of you breaking down emotionally has something to do with the past, let it go. Forgive, if possible, and clear up real estate in your brain from concentrating on the negative aspects of your past. If you fill your mind with thoughts that aren't going to lead you in the direction of building yourself back up, then you won't have room in your head to add those new positive thoughts that your body and mind are craving and needing. Forgetting negatives can be hard to do, but start by trying to forgive. Once you are able to forgive, you may find that it gives you peace to move forward in your journey to happiness.

Know your value and worth.

You are truly remarkable and special. You have a purpose and bring joy to others. Own that! Let that smile shine and brighten the day of those around you. Be the beacon of joy that you can be by starting to spread kindness and positivity to others. The emotions and efforts that you put forward may come back to you as well. Helping others while helping yourself? Sounds like a win, win to me!

Invest in yourself.

Do something that YOU want to do! Pamper yourself. Stop putting yourself on the back-burner.  Have you been wanting a vacation? Book it. Needing a spa day? Prep those toes! Want a day of just ordering pizza and binging on movies? Easy to do. Whatever it is, do it! Treat yourself. Make your heart happy and your mind at ease. Allow yourself to relax and focus on you, and you alone. Want to go from Crazed to Calm? Click here to find balance amongst the chaos!

Get a lot of fresh air.

It's true...if you are having a hard time emotionally, you need a change of scenery. Get out and about. Go on a hike, a run, a bike ride...anything. If your mind is racing, get to moving. Is there a trail that you have had your eye on hiking for a while? Pack up and go. Is there a new coffee shop in town that you have been wanting to try out? Sounds like a great plan. Be agile and able, and go go go.

There are times in our life when we all need a break. Whether we have reached an emotional breaking point, or feel that we are on the spiral to get there, being able to recognize that is key. Understanding that there needs to be a change is important, then making the steps to start that change is priority. Reminder to be kind to yourself and allow a buffer in your decisions. 

Building yourself back up emotionally can take time, and that is okay. Whether you solely tackle building yourself back up, or seek additional guidance and help, remember that you are your own cheerleader. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. You are creating your own story in life and have the ability to start over each and every day. 

Treat today as Page #1. It's a chance to write a new chapter, full of happiness, positivity and optimism. 

How do you build yourself up after emotionally breaking down? Comment below with your tips and tricks! 

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