5 Ways You Can Use Evernote to Survive and Thrive This Holiday Season

5 Ways You Can Use Evernote to Survive and Thrive This Holiday Season

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

Oh yes, the holidays are here. Are you ready? Are you feeling excited? Stressed? Tired already with oh-so-much to do? How would you like to learn about some easy ways you can use Evernote to not only survive the holidays but THRIVE this holiday season?

What is Evernote?

It’s an amazing tool that will easily help you get organized, capture information, share information, and save tons of time every week.

Evernote may be the solution for you if this is you…

  • Do you feel inundated with information and overwhelmed because you can’t seem to find what you need when you need it?
  • Do you have pieces of paper, emails, post-it notes, several lists and can’t seem to get organized?
  • Are you flat out frustrated because you feel stressed and disorganized and can’t seem to find enough time?

Evernote to the rescue! 

If you don’t have Evernote yet you can start with the free version and check it out. It’s super easy to get started.


How can Evernote help you calm the chaos this holiday season?

1) Create a note in Evernote to track all your holiday gift ideas and purchases.

Create the note and add a column with the following headings: Name, Gift Ideas, Info, Purchase Price. Schedule some time to think of some gift ideas and record them in the note. Better yet, find ideas online and use the Evernote Web Clipper to save them into your Evernote for easy access. It’s a great way to compare prices and have all your data inside one notebook in Evernote. That way when you’re out shopping you can simply pull up your Evernote app on your phone and see everything quickly and easily.

2) Create a note in Evernote to do your holiday meal planning. And you can use it for regular meal planning too!

Plan a time to create your holiday meal planning and gather your recipes books, blogs, paper copies, etc. Create a note in Evernote with columns for day/date, info, items to make, ingredients needed. Gather your recipes using the Evernote Web Clipper and save them into one notebook for easy access. You can even add pictures of the recipe or food to your notes. Then simply add your ingredients right into your note and use on your Evernote app to cross off while grocery shopping.

3) Use a Grocery List template to create easy grocery lists quickly.

Create a note with all the ingredients you typically purchase. Separate it by category like vegetables, fruit, grains, etc. Use the checklist feature in Evernote so when you’re at the store you can cross off as you add them to your basket. Be sure and create one master template with all the food and then copy each time you use. That way you can delete items you don’t need to purchase. Be sure to share the note with your family so they can add things to the grocery list!

4) Use Evernote to get a handle on your feelings and emotions.

So often during the holidays we have too much to do, have relationship issues, unusual stress, and more. Taking a quick break each day and reviewing your day is an excellent way to stay positive, focused, and of course - relaxed!

Create a note to use as a template in Evernote and create questions with space for your answers. Some sample questions: what was good about your day, what wasn’t so good about your day, what did you accomplish, how are you feeling right now, what brought me joy today?

Copy your template into a new note for each day. Pick a time each day (I like the end of each day) and answer the questions. And if you don’t feeling like typing you can hit record inside the Evernote note and record your journal entry/check-in!

5) Set your holiday goals and have more fun!

With the holidays being so busy sometimes we forget to have fun, slow down and do simple yet joyful activities. Set some goals to have more FUN this year.

Create a note in Evernote for goals you want to accomplish during the holidays. Yes, some will be the “must-do’s” but add fun things like playing games, baking cookies, and more.

Simply add a table inside your note and add headings like Goal, Date to Complete By, Resources, and Tasks. Plus: be sure to share the note with your family so they can add things to the fun list too!

There you go. Simple ways to use Evernote to have a more relaxed and peaceful holiday season.

Did these ideas interest you? If so, grab Angela's free Evernote Template Pack: Survive & Thrive This Holiday Season!


About The Author

Angela is a Simplicity Strategist, WordPress Website Creator, Evernote Certified Consultant, and Essential Oil Wellness Advocate. She loves helping people get organized and design a simple life and business they love. 

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