How To Use Essential Oils In The Office

How To Use Essential Oils In The Office

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Sometimes you want or need to use your essential oils when on the go, especially at the office. It makes sense, since you’re there much of the day. Some people will be at the office more often than at home. Therefore, you may need an energy lift, stress relief, and other aromatherapy while at work.

Here's how you can use essential oils in your office and what you need to remember when you use them:

Diffusing Essential Oils in the Office

When you use essential oils in the office, it’s important to be courteous of others. Some people may have allergies or just not appreciate strong scents. Therefore, it’s best to use personal diffusers, such as a diffuser pen or aromatherapy jewelry. That way, you can do so discreetly, while still reaping the benefits. It’s also just easier to use these smaller devices while on the go. Be sure to only diffuse while others aren’t around or in the restroom.

How to Choose the Best Essential Oils

Essential oils that give you energy and help your concentration are great oils to choose for diffusing in the office. My absolute favorite is Motivate by doTERRA. These will help you get through the day and maybe even through more difficult projects. Anything that helps reduce stress and anxiety, while still being uplifting is great as well. Be sure to choose scents that are lightweight and airy, so that they aren’t too powerful for others who might be bothered by them lingering in the air. It’s best to choose scents that will stay as close to you as possible.

Decide Which Essential Oils Helps Motivate You 

Since office essentials should be light, airy, good for the brain, as well as peaceful, here is a list of essential oils that do just that. Create the perfect combination for your soul, using one or more of these with a carrier oil in your pen diffuser or aromatherapy jewelry.

Ultimately, what type of oil and how you use it is up to you. You choose which oils are right for you and diffuse them however you please! 

I've been using doTERRA essential oils for a while now and I can honestly say that my Motivate Rollerball is a game changer. Want more information? Check out how essential oils have changed my life and pick up some oils for yourself.

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