Easy Ideas For Daily Self Care

Easy Ideas For Daily Self Care

When was the last time you did something for yourself? No, I don't mean going to work, eating a meal, or paying rent. I'm asking about activities that, while requiring as much presence of mind as essential tasks, exist only to make you relaxed, happy, or content.

While self-care is essential to health and happiness, it is often the first part of a routine to be dropped when schedules get busy. And here's the catch: the most important time to fit self-care in your routine is when responsibilities pile, and stress levels rise.

Thankfully, while self-care routines can be elaborate and require a lot of time, they can also be effective and simple.

Here are some easy self-care ideas that are effective enough to help, and short enough to fit into a daily care routine:

Indulge yourself and wash your face every morning and night!

Washing your face in the morning is essential to reducing breakouts and healthy skin. For an extra mood life, try patting your face with cold water after washing it in the morning. While the cold may sound scary, it will help minimize pores and help wake you up for a productive day.

Take a time out before you need it!

While taking a time-out from a stressful situation in the form of a small break or nap is essential, try scheduling in daily breaks for their own sake. Setting aside blocks of time for small breaks gives you the time to reflect on your tasks at hand and the day so far. Doing so also reduces the likelihood of burning out, and can help you feel happier and more productive overall.

Meditate, even if you don't know how!

I know-meditation can be intimidating. It can easily seem like a high-level technique that helps some, but not all. But you may be surprised. Meditation can be as simple as taking a few minutes to try breathing a different way, or mentally imagining a scenic vacation spot. Try a beginner's meditation app, website, or podcast for a few minutes each day.

Get Organized!

Take 5-10 minutes and clean or organize something. This could be stationary on your desk or even files on your desktop. Make an area clean, efficient, and most of all, inviting to use.

Designating time for a task like this lets you accomplish something real, giving you an endorphin rush of success, prepping you for more success, and hopefully reorganizing your thoughts and calming any nerves.

Take a warm bath!

Instead of a rushed shower, try taking a slow bath. Although this may be most helpful for those who shower at the end of their day, a bath at any time can greatly improve any mood. Warm baths can also help circulation and even health. As a bonus, they also provide a built-in time out from the world and hopefully, your worries.

You don't know how it feels if you don't try!

Making time for self-care when you're already busy and balancing tasks can seem impossible and unnecessary. You don't have to become a self-care guru immediately to benefit from an number of self-care techniques: check off success if you try just 1 or 2 today.

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