8 Reasons Why You Should Date Yourself

8 Reasons Why You Should Date Yourself

Why wouldn't you want to date yourself? It's awesome! You decide what to eat, where to go, what to wear, and who you associate yourself with at the bar or restaurant. Sounds like a great time to me... I date myself a few times a month! 

By dating myself, I honestly focus on my own needs and it's a form of self care. I want to honor what I need and what I want to do by treating myself to something I don't get to do often. 

When was the last time you put yourself first and didn't feel guilty about it? I'm guessing next to none... This is hard especially if you have a spouse or children to take care of. But, I'm telling you that taking yourself out on a date isn't going to break the bank and it's actually going to make you happy!

Here are 8 Reasons that you Should Take Yourself on a Date:

You get to dress up!

Get outta those jammies, and into that dress.  Put some color on your face and dress to impress - for you.  Have a new style that you were wanting to try out but too shy to introduce it when with a group of people?  Now is the time!  Dig deep in that closet and have fun.  Embrace your style with what makes you smile.

You only have to make yourself laugh.

Admit it... you think you are hilarious, right? You tell great jokes and make yourself laugh all the time.  Well, when you are taking yourself on a date, let those laughs continue.  Thinking thoughts that make yourself smile are simply the best.

You get to love yourself first.

To be happy with others, you have to love who you are.  If you aren't, you will continuously be searching for "something", without ever truly feeling accomplished.  Take the time to love you and all your quirks, so you can then find someone else who feels the same.

Eat what you want!!!!

Seriously.  Get your grub on.  No need to order the salad to impress when you really want a triple cheeseburger with extra fries.  Order what you want, without worrying about the judgement of others.  Dessert?  Heck yes!  Is that even a question?

Empower yourself.

When you date yourself, you then have to pay for yourself.  You work hard for your money, right?  Don't be dependent on someone else to pay for the tab. Spend your hard-earned money on you, and you alone. Get rid of the self doubt and life a life you love.

You get to embrace the world around you.

During a typical date, there can often be times of awkward moments and forced conversation... but when you date yourself, you get to observe the world as it continues to move around you.  Some of the best entertainment in life can be just sitting back and people watching.  

Self-reflection at its finest.

Taking yourself on the perfect date allows you to reflect on all dates gone bad in the past... By doing what you want, you are setting the bar high for any future outings with others, and rightfully so! 

You deserve only the best of the best.

Yes, you.  Life is short.  We only live once.  Why spend it going through the motions to please others?  Be good to you, know what you love and go after it.  The only person in your way of giving yourself the best, is you. 

Worried about filling the time when dating yourself? Don't. Embrace the time that you spend with yourself and plan out what the perfect date is for you.  Don't like to plan and just want to wing it?  Guess what, do whatever makes your heart happy. 

What are you waiting for? Pick yourself up at 7 for the best date you can imagine!

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