6 Ways To Be A Rockstar Wife

6 Ways To Be A Rockstar Wife

In our minds, we are the best wife in the entire world... Am I right? We try our best, we start each day with the best intentions and we spend our time being there for our husband in his time of need.  At least, we feel that we do. 

But, is that how our husbands view us?  Should it really be a mystery as to how we are viewed?  It shouldn't. 

Being married is a two-way street.  A mutual respect for one another, shared with likes and adventures.  Marriage is a beautiful thing.  Being able to spend your life with your soul mate, your best friend, is truly amazing.  It's a gift that many spend their entire lives yearning for. 

So, once we are married, how do we keep that beautiful two-way street running smoothly?  With understanding, love and trust.  While it is up to your husband to do the same for you, it is equally as important that you are doing the same for your husband.

These are just a few suggestions, but here are 6 ways to be a rockstar wife:

Communicate with him, not over him. 

Think of the time before you were married and you two were on dates together.  What did the conversation revolve around?  Current issues, future trends?  Did it even really matter because what it really boiled down to was that you were both taking the time to get to know one another. 

Guess what...sometimes in marriage, we forget who our spouse is and what they are about.  It happens, but it doesn't have to.  Have a night where you both just sit and talk.  Let him start and choose the flow of the conversation. Daydream about the fun memories of the past like your first date or the wildest moments together that you can think of, or have fun daydreaming of wants and desires for the future.  And just listen to him.  Hear him.  Laugh with him and allow yourself to enjoy being in the moment of pure innocent conversation with him.

Talk him up to your friends and family. 

This doesn't mean you have to go over the top, but a little gushing never hurt anyone.  Did he do something totally awesome around the house?  Talk it up. Maybe he surprised you with a pedicure at the local spa?  Call up your girlfriends to tell them the awesome gift you got.  Sure... it's a little bit of bragging but, it's also a nice ego booster for him, too.  A little ego boost every once in a while never hurt anyone.

Give him totally random back massages. 

Does he normally have to ask you for a massage?  Beat him to the punch and give him a few that are "off schedule".  It will surprise him, but mean the world to him at the same time.  Bonus points for you, and he'll be in awe for the next few days because of it. 

Plan a guys night for him (but let him know!). 

Stock the fridge full of some cold beer, invite some of his buddies over and then leave the house.  Yep, you planned a man-date for him basically with his buddies.  And he will love it.  (well, don't mention the man-date part!) 

By stocking up on his favorite drinks and allowing some alone time with his buddies in the comfort of your home, your rock-star wife status is sure to shoot through the roof.

Put the electronics away. 

We are all guilty of this.  When he comes into the room, or starts talking to you, put the phone down or shut the computer.  It's easy, right?  So easy we often overlook it.  Put him before the blue screens, each and every time.

Help him prepare for his day. 

Doing chores aren't always fun, but sometimes, they are necessary.  Maybe your husband needs a little help in jump-starting his day...  Help him by ironing his clothes or packing his lunch to be better prepared.  Bonus tip: Include a little "I love you" note to accompany that lunch.  He will be so thankful in the morning that he wasn't in a rush since you had done things the day before to help him out.

It's not overly difficult to find ways to be a rockstar wife.  Think about what your husband loves, and start to incorporate one or two of those things on a weekly basis. 

He will appreciate you more and in turn, you may also start to appreciate your marriage more as well!

How are you a rockstar wife? Comment below! I'd love to hear what you do for your spouse!

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