5 Ways To Run Your Blog After Hours

5 Ways To Run Your Blog After Hours

Running a blog takes a ton of work. Despite what others think and express, it's not a job that has you just sitting in front of your computer all day long just "playing" around on the internet. Sure, that's PART of it, but there are a ton more detail and business-savvy that truly goes into running a blog.

The truth about the blogging world that many people don't realize (and understand) is that most bloggers (even ones that are considered full-time) still work a regular 9-5 job in addition to running and managing a successful blog. Talk about putting in the hours!

If you are wanting to take your blog to the next level, but can't work it into your daily schedule, why not work on it during the evening hours? If there's a will, there's a way!

Here are 5 ways to run your blog after hours:

Set a nightly schedule and stick to it.

Part of being successful in the blogging world is that you have to be in it for the long run. While there are those few bloggers that have found success overnight, the majority have been blogging for many, many consistent years. Each and every day, you should be doing SOMETHING to improve your blog. Writing new articles, creating new Pinterest images, or responding to the comments are all varying things that you can do after hours to keep your blog up and running strong. 

Always give yourself an ending time each day.

We all know that the internet can be a black hole that just sucks you, but so can the blogging world! It's 100% possible to lose hours upon hours of your evening by continuously updating things on your blog. If you want to work on it nightly, then you need to set a time to stop as well. Otherwise, you'll burn yourself out very quickly. 

Get rest to do your best.

Always remember that tomorrow is another day when it comes to the blogging world. If you feel worn down or really tired, you need to acknowledge that and give yourself a bit of rest. Forcing yourself to work on your blog can actually have a negative effort on your growth. If you're making mistakes or creating content that just isn't up to par, it's going to show when you're tired. Listen to your body if it's telling you to slow down because there will always be tomorrow, or the next day, to continue updating your blog. 

Set up your social media accounts to post your blog posts during later hours of the day.

If you are wanting to get some of your articles out there in front of people during the evening hours, set up your social media tools to schedule them out! You can absolutely have your articles posted at whatever time of the day you want it to, and it can help to drive traffic to your blog during those late night hours.

Have a VA help during the evening hours.

Did you know that there are a lot of bloggers out there that have VA (Virtual Assistants) that help to run, maintain, schedule and plan their blog out for the upcoming days, weeks, and months? If your blog has grown, and you are needing help, hiring a VA to work during those evening hours for you so you can have some free time to do a few of your own things can be a great idea! Pinning to Pinterest, editing and uploading posts or even answering emails can really help clear up a ton of room in your schedule to focus on other ways to continue to grow your blog. 

If you are serious about taking your blog to the next level, be prepared for the work that has to be done!

While it may feel that the blogging world never sleeps, in all reality, it doesn't! Try to implement some of the suggestions above on ways that you can run your blog after hours, and you may be amazed at how much more efficient you can be when you have a plan in place. 




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