5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Travel on a Budget

5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Travel on a Budget

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Traveling it seems is at the top of everyone's bucket list. And rightfully so! Traveling opens so many doors to the other avenues of the world. Think of all the things that you'd be missing out on if you were forever just sitting on your couch watching TV, letting the world pass you by. Don't let that happen to you.

Instead of sitting and staring out the window and daydreaming of all the places that you are wanting to visit, why not make it happen? Traveling is possible for anyone to do! While most people will state that the true reason that holds them back from traveling is the cost, that doesn't make it an excuse. If you want to travel, there are ways to make it happen. 

Here are 5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Travel on a Budget:

Do your research on becoming a house-sitter.

Yes, this is a thing. People do this all day, every day and some people actually treat this as their way of life. Can you imagine being able to go to a different city to house sit for someone who is on vacation? If you can imagine it, it's time to make it happen.

While house-sitting in technically considered a "job", it's usually pretty minimal. Making certain the house appears lived in to deter burglars (no parties!), taking care of any plants or animals that they may have, or possibly even doing a bit of light-cleaning in the downtime...but for free accommodations and the chance to travel to a new city or town? Sign me up!

Travel with friends.

If you aren't keen on traveling alone in the first place, why not see about getting a group together for those traveling plans? You know what they say... the bigger the group, the cheaper the bill. When you travel together, you can cut the costs of just about everything! Lodging, hotel, gas, food... you name it. Especially if you go somewhere like Las Vegas! Grab your girls and go have some fun! If you split the cost of everything, you'll be able to splurge on something amazing like seeing The Backstreet Boys! I know I'd rather spend my extra cash on that!

Book your trips during the non-tourist times of the year.

Traveling in prime time is expensive! If you don't truly care about the time of the year, why not book during the seasons when the costs are less? Head to the beach during the winter (it'll still be kinda warm, right?) or take a trip to Disney during one of their down months. You'll still get to travel and you'll save some major dough!

Research hotel prices before you book.

There are a ton of different travel sites that offer ways to save money on hotel bookings. Priceline offers "express deals" where it's like a flash sale that they discount certain hotels, and they also have their famous "name your own price" for varying hotels as well. If you plan accordingly and do your research, you can save up to 40% off the listed hotel prices! There's also Expedia, Kayak, and Hotwire... just to name a few.

Make it a work-cation.

If you have a job that allows you to work from home, why not do a bit of work wherever you are traveling to? You will still earn money, which in itself will help to make your trip cost less money. The more you work, the more you technically save, right? Just remember that its supposed to be a fun traveling trip as well so having the separation between the two is key.

Don't let the initial heavy price tag of traveling worry you. If you want to travel, find a way to make it happen. When you are looking to book your travels, don't ever book the first price that you are shown! Do your research and search around a bit to find the best possible deals.

Also, try to incorporate a few of the suggestions above to see if it can help you save even more!

The more money you save, the more traveling that you can do! And the more traveling that you can do, the happier you'll be. Work on visiting all those destinations on your bucket list at the most affordable price possible. Be patient, plan and then enjoy once your feet hit the pavement and start to explore. 

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