4 Signs It May Be Time for a Mental Health Day

4 Signs It May Be Time for a Mental Health Day

We've all had those moments when we feel like we just can't do it anymore... You know what I'm talking about, right? It’s that moment when you feel like if one more bad thing happens, if something else breaks, or one more bill shows up in your mailbox, you’re going to snap!

Some days, that feeling is all too familiar. It seems as if the struggles in life fall into an ebb and flow type cycle and when things are good, they're really good but when things are bad, they're downright dirty -- And, it sucks.

The next time you have one of those days when you're feeling really overwhelmed, take a deep breath, take a step back and realize that you may need a mental health day to recoup and recover. 

Here are 4 Signs it may be time for a mental health day:

You're dreading the thought of even adulting for the day.

Let's face it... adulting is hard. And to be truthful, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what "adulting" even means. If you wake up in the morning and feel as though you're too exhausted to do much more, you're simply not taking care of yourself. If you feel as though the thought of conversing with any other human being is going to suck the energy right out of you, why not take some time for yourself? The entire point of a mental health day is to refresh, rejuvenate, and recharge yourself and your mind.

You're feeling foggy or drained.

If you find that your brain feels foggy or void of any thoughts or ideas, you should really stop what you're doing and try to figure out why or just take a nap. Do whatever you need to feel like yourself again. Give yourself a chance to understand when you need a break and embrace it. While it may be hard to find time to do this, it's important to stay mentally fit and strong to be able to function on a day to day basis.

You're feeling anxious and can't deal with anyone.

If you are starting to feel anxious or have an overall lack of patience, you may need to remove yourself from the situation and take a break. Remember that during times of stress, it's important to remember to take care of yourself and your needs. Don't downplay the signs and symptoms of needing a day to yourself. There are a ton of factors that play into your daily life that can cause you to feel stressed and anxious, but the sooner you realize that it's okay to give yourself a break, the sooner you'll be able to adjust your mindset to be able to get back on track.

You're exhausted and too tired to function.

Constantly feeling exhausted may be a huge indicator that you need some time for yourself. If you're stressed all the time, you're body is simply going to follow suit and simply let your mind take the lead. Those feelings are going to wear you out quickly and it may be tough to recover. Recognize that feeling of exhaustion early and take that much-needed time to feel rested and relaxed.

The longer you wait on taking that mental health day, the more likely all of these signs, symptoms and feelings are going to keep occurring. You owe it to yourself to be happy. If your body and mind are giving you the signals that they need a break, then just do it already. Simply find the time to make it happen. After a much-needed mental health day, you may be surprised by just how awesome you really feel!

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