3 Quick Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following

3 Quick Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following

So you've started a business online.

Congratulations! You've stepped into the unknown, you've taken the leap, you've put yourself and your passion down in type and you want to show the world what you're made of.

Unfortunately, the world isn't what you thought it would be.

For the most part, people are pretty greedy and even though you are unique and have a whole lot to contribute to society, people don't care unless it serves them personally.

Not to bum you out by being a Debbie Downer, but it's true! Business is tough, and there are three things people are looking for when they come searching for your talents. Three tips that, if you stick to them, will help your marketing strategy immensely and grow your following and your reach more than ever.

Solve a problem and keep it professional.

Let's face it. 88% of people out there don't care to see your personal life, and the remaining percentage is your family. That's why your sweet grandma is always commenting on all your posts and no one else. Hi, Grandma!

This is a made up percentage, but you get the idea. And it. is. OK. Don't get discouraged, use it to your advantage, and treat social media like you've got nothing to lose. Solve the problem professionally, have accounts that are completely disconnected from family, and market to only your niche.

If it's a pretty picture, people will like and comment on Instagram. If it solves a problem or fulfills a need, people are going to pin it on Pinterest. If it's controversial, people are going to share it (passionately) on Facebook.

Stick to solving problems and entertaining when it comes to your business accounts on social media. Keep it professional and keep to a schedule. I've always seen friends who are trying to make money off friends and family as the shallow type... and desperate. Sorry, cold hard truth. Try instead to find the STRANGERS who are online who are meant to be the ones to help!

For my blog, I chose two platforms to market, Instagram and Pinterest. Keeping it simple holds your focus in place.

On Pinterest, I advertise pins that solve problems and continually pin those articles to relevant boards with keywords for people to easily find them.

On Instagram, I follow a weekly schedule to keep myself from running out of ideas and keep myself from panicking when the day is almost up and I haven't shared anything to gain followers. Mondays I share a recent blog post, Design Tips Tuesday, Travel/Design Thursday, DIY Saturday... etc.

So be sure your content is solving a problem, and share that solution professionally on social media. You will be connected to your following in no time.

Teach something new

"Hey, Google, how can I lose weight? How do you tie a tie? And how can I learn to draw?"

We are an ever growing society, and with growth comes learning. The following you are so passionately trying to find and connect with can be found through spreading your knowledge.

This is where you really need to be niche specific on your social media platforms. Remember quality over quantity. You may be good at a lot of things, but your audience only needs to know ONE thing that your good at to get hooked, you want your following to come to you first if they have a question about your specialty.

(Little Tip: This also helps communicate what you do better to the algorithms that have been put into place with social media. If Instagram sees you constantly posting fitness advice and recipes, they will know who would connect best with you and your niche.)

So spread knowledge, keep it simple, people will flock to you gain knowledge about your niche and learn from you.

Connect positively with others

Don't DM that girl you knew in high school who just had a baby about your weight loss ambassador program. (Yep. This happened. Not appreciated, btw.) No matter how much you might want to. Just don't do it. Maybe there will be one person who you know who wants you to help them reach their goals, but a lot of people want to reach their goals outside of their personal life to then show off their results to their friends and family. ;)

Connect positively with others, and the more genuine you are, the more they will come to you! Without you begging!

It can be hard because there is a lot of negativity happening online and in the world these days, and it's easy to spread bad news. The world could ALWAYS use more kindness, more happiness, more good news, more constructive information and a more productive way to use their time and money. Especially on social media. So spread it around! Share the love and keep your advice and updates good and fulfilling to your audience.

Have fun and the business will come!

Keep it light. Social media is supposed to be fun and a way to connect with people who are your TRIBE outside of your physical reach. Connect with other sincerely and with true intent, and we will all become a brighter society as a whole.


About The Author

Gill Simmons is on a mission to help others find themselves by design in their home, likelihood and businesses. An interiors expert in love with intoxicating images, and a new blogger in this big internet world, she seeks to spread her knowledge with others as much as she can on her journey.

Lose yourself in this life.

Visit her site for more on blogging, branding, motherhood, interior design, foodie frenzies and more.

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