10 Ways to Save Money at HomeGoods

10 Ways to Save Money at HomeGoods

Do you love waltzing the aisles of HomeGoods looking for deals and steals? I know I do!

There are all sorts of home décor items to be found, and as you probably know it doesn’t take long for that cart to fill up! But what if I told you that you could fill your HomeGoods cart up for less?

Check out these 10 ways to save money at HomeGoods, and see how a few tips and tricks can help you score more stuff for less cash!

Shop in the morning.

Deliveries are made in the morning and as you know, stock is limited. This means if you want to see what is arriving fresh then you need to be an early bird. If you wait until the evening, new items may already have walked out the door!

Shop during the week.

HomeGoods never receives delivery on the weekends since those are their peek shopping times. Instead, deliveries come during the week. If you want to see the freshest deals and offerings, then shopping midweek is ideal as opposed to waiting for the weekend.

Point out any scratch or dent issues at checkout.

Should you notice a scratch or dent in any of the items you are preparing to purchase, point it out! You can easily score an additional discount at checkout if the item has been damaged. The store reserves the right to replace the item with a matching piece, but it is still worth asking.

Shop holiday items in advance.

Holiday items go FAST! This means shopping for holiday items a month or so before the holiday arrives. The chances of holiday items making it to the clearance aisle are rare, so stock up on these pieces when you see them.

Download related apps.

There are several unofficial HomeGoods apps designed to help you save money! If you are an avid app user, give these HomeGoods apps a try and see if they help you find better deals and save a buck or two.

Sign up for their email list.

Head to the HomeGoods official website and sign up for their email list. This way you can get regular sale announcements as well as the occasional coupons sent right to your inbox.

Don’t rush through checkout.

HomeGoods tends to place some excellent last minute deals near the checkout. Keep your eyes open as you head to the checkout to see if anything looks appealing. You will find mostly small items here, but deals none the less.

Use a TJX rewards card.

If you have a TJX rewards card, you can use it at HomeGoods. This way you can earn points on your purchases, which can then convert to spending cash!

Make friends!

Employees at HomeGoods are some of the nicest folks around! Be kind and chat it up, and you might find out when new deliveries are likely to come in. You might also find out when markdowns are done. So smile and make friends, and see what you can find out!

Check HomeGoods FIRST!

Last but not least, check for designer pieces at HomeGoods first. If you see something you like in Pottery Barn or even Z Gallerie, don’t buy it before checking HomeGoods for a similar if not identical piece priced up to 60 percent less!

Are you ready to save more cash when you shop at HomeGoods? Then give these shopping tips a try and fill up that cart for less.

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