10 Ways To Start Losing Weight The Right Way

10 Ways To Start Losing Weight The Right Way

New Years brings new goals and for many of us that goal is to lose some extra weight that has been hanging around. Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. Certainly not as easy as putting it on.

Taking time to start out right and give your weight loss a jump start can make the results show up faster helping give you the willpower to stick it out longer than you normally would.

Here are 10 ways to start losing weight the right way in 2018:

Start out with a great multivitamin.

Often when our bodies are lacking something we need extra weight packs on as our bodies go into survival mode attempting to save us.

Start drinking water and lots of it.

Drinking enough water will help your body drop any excess it is holding on to.

Start your day out right.

A high protein breakfast will help keep away hunger cravings and help you resist grabbing junk food when you are out and about.

Find a weight loss buddy.

Having someone to work with and keep you accountable will help you stick to your weight loss plan longer than a day. 

Create your own weight loss plan.

Speaking of weight loss plans - stop right there and create a plan that will help you lose weight without feeling deprived so you are less likely to go binge eat while watching Netflix tonight.

Find an activity you love.

You are more likely to work out more when you are truly enjoying your work out. Hop on over to the gym and try a few different classes they offer with a friend.

Reve up your metabolism with some spice in your diet.

Adding spicy peppers can give your calorie burn a boost. Add cinnamon to sweet treats to lesson how they affect your blood sugar to help boost your weight loss.

Every little movement counts.

Get a fidget to keep your hands moving. Go for strolls around the office between projects so you don't give your metabolism time to fully shut down.

Track your activity and work to improve it.

A fitness tracker for your wrist can help you see how active you're really are during the day and help you work to get a bit more activity in day after day. Those first few weeks with your new FitBit you will see such a large rise in activity you should see a boost in your metabolism rather quickly.

Enjoy that coffee without the guilt.

Often we have a habit of giving up things that we love like coffee in an effort to drop a few calories. Coffee is actually good for your diet beacuse it gives your metabolism a quick and effective boost

Do you have any tips that you swear by? I'd love to hear from YOU! Comment below with your tried and true weight loss tips.

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