10 Simple Ways to Fight Stress

10 Simple Ways to Fight Stress

Stress is one of those things that we all have to deal with. Sometimes that stress adds up to more than we can handle, but if we start putting in a little effort to combat stress, it can make your everyday life easier and more manageable. 

Here are 10 simple ways to fight stress right now:

Take time for yourself.

If you put the focus on everyone else, you'll immediately start feeling overwhelmed because you're forgetting to take care of you. When the stress starts to take over, take a moment and step back and figure out what it is you need right now.

Go do something fun.

How do you define fun? Is it reading a book with a cup of coffee, being alone in nature, simply going out with friends and letting everything go? Whatever it is use it as inspiration to eliminate stress in your life.

Delegate some of your to-do lists.

So often we take on more than one person can handle. A great way to reduce that stress is to delegate some of that work to others so it is not all on your shoulders. If you own a business, you can always higher a virtual assistant to help you manage day to day tasks that you absolutely hate! Also, investing in a planner will help you lay the foundation for the entire year!

Learn to say no.

As hard as it is to say no, you just can't say yes to everything without letting stress get out of control. Get used to saying no and watch your life get just a bit easier. This is where you can implement boundaries within your relationships, too!

Reduce clutter.

A cluttered home can leave you feeling stressed out and unable to think clearly. Take a step back and reduce the clutter in your life so you can breathe a bit easier.

Put a bit of focus into your relationships.

Sometimes all you really need to get through the fog of stress is to build up a relationship with someone that cares about your well being at the end of the day and can remind you that you are worth loving.

Get ahead of the game.

Planning your outfit for the next day eliminates the stress of trying to finding something in that closet of yours and helps you one of the ninety other things you need to do before getting ready for work every day!

Get active.

When stress takes to hold a great way to fight it off and keep going is to workout. Getting your blood flowing helps burn off pent-up energy and allows you to put the focus back on yourself.  

Fight stress with your favorite essential oils.

Lavender essential oil has been clinically proven to help reduce anxiety. You can find several great blends that help with anxiety, too. Want to try, buy, and learn more about essential oils? Click here.

Find someone to talk to.

Sometimes when stress takes hold you can help calm everything going on in your head. Find a trusted friend, a coach, or a mental health professional to help fight stress by talking it out.   

Do you have any tried and true ways that you combat stress? Comment below!

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