Grieving, Goals and Growth

Playing sports all through high school and college definitely played a major part in my life and helped me be a part of something bigger than myself. I was hooked on the culture, being a part of a team, and the routines and regimens that needed to happen in order to perform well and, frankly, that gave me some "normalcy." 

Peppermint Lavender Bath Bombs

Self care can be practiced in many ways but a hot bath will always be a classic! And what better way to enjoy your "me" time than with fizzy, soothing bath bombs!These peppermint lavender bath bombs are an easy homemade project to make and utterly relaxing. Peppermint has been shown to reduce muscle aches and lavender helps promote relaxation.

10 Ways to Save Money at HomeGoods

Do you love waltzing the aisles of Home Goods looking for deals and steals? I know I do!There are all sorts of home décor items to be found, and as you probably know it doesn’t take long for that cart to fill up! But what if I told you that you could fill your Home Goods cart up for less?

15 Items You Need To Refresh Your Space

After the holidays is a great time to find great deals on items for your home. Many things are on sale or even on clearance if they're out of season. Plus, it's also a great time of year to clean, declutter, and refresh your space so you're able to start the year off on the right foot! 

15 Recipes For A Spa Day At Home

Whenever I am in need of a little pampering, but short on time, running to the spa isn’t an option or a cost-effective one. Instead, I love making my recipes at home and doing some DIY spa treatments at home! These cost much less than a day at the spa and are just as relaxing!

Feel Better and Work Better in 2018

We all know sitting at work all day can be hard on your body, but being able to go from the office to the gym seamlessly is something that I know everyone can embrace! I've combined office sitting and active products with office to gym clothing that we can all embrace!

How to Get Rid of Self-Doubt

Having someone tell you that you can't do something is frustrating, right?  What if that someone is actually you, constantly telling yourself that?  Creating self-doubt is actually quite common. As children, we are doubtful about trying new things, eating new foods, going to school, growing older... As adults, we question every decision we make, we question our career path and our choices that we have made along our way in life about whether or not we made the right ones or not. 

10 Lessons I've Learned in 2017

2017 was a year of growth, expansion, and self-development, but I really didn’t see that at first. As a whole, this year helped me discover things about myself that I’ve been ignoring or pushing aside for the sake of others in my life. I’m not the same person I was last year at this time. I’m more in tune with my needs, my wants, and my own feelings and what they’re worth TO ME.

5 Reasons Why You Should Skip Making New Year's Resolutions in 2018

Making New Year resolutions can feel like a scary thing. We tend to be hard on ourselves, make massive resolutions we may not be able to keep, and in the end feel let down and like failures.This year, avoid the New Year resolution guilt trap and feelings of failure. See why you should skip making the New Year resolutions and set obtainable goals and milestones for your life instead.

Champagne Cupcakes

Hosting a New Years Eve party this year? Need a dessert recipe that will WOW your guests? Well, look no further. There's nothing better than to celebrate with your friends, drink champagne at midnight, and indulge yourself with amazing cupcakes! It's a quick and easy dessert that can tie right into the theme of your New Years Eve party.