Believe & Balance E-Course


When I started my business...

I thought that I had to follow someone else’s strategy on how to make money. I thought that I had to follow the unwritten rules that every expert was sharing, even though they didn’t really align with my values. I got scared that if I didn’t use their strategies, I would fail as an entrepreneur.

Then I realized that this is MY life, MY business, and I need to do things MY WAY. YOU SHOULD TOO!

The Believe & Balance eCourse is available to empower you to find the clarity you need to move forward and get yourself organized in a way that feels right for you.

All of the content that I put into this course is exactly what I struggled with when I started out and dealt with again when I changed directions for a little while. I couldn’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a coaching program and felt miserable because of it. Because of that, I wanted to give you affordable guidance and the support that I needed when I started.

Each lesson is essential to your growth as an entrepreneur and it’s packed with a ton of worksheets and freebies!

Throughout my journey, I was given so many “keys to success,” but none of them opened the door that I wanted to walk through. What I didn’t realize was that I already had my own key, I was just too blind to see it.

You already have the key to whatever door you’re going to open next. You just need to know where to find it. Are you ready to find your key?

This course is for you if:

>> You're a spiritual, heart centered or high vibe entrepreneur who is having trouble finding clarity.

>> You're ready to get focused and get your mind right.

>> You're ready to create workflows that work for YOU and YOUR business.

>> You're ready to stop listening to all of the "experts" and dig deeper into the heart of YOUR business.

>> You want to break the mold and create strategies that align with your values and zone of genius.


During this course, you will:

>> Gain clarity in your life and business.

>> Discover time management & organizational tips that work for you.

>> Learn how to focus on yourself instead of listening to others.

>> Learn how to adjust your mindset.

>> Learn the importance of self care.


At the end of this course, you will have the tools to maneuver through the blocks that many entrepreneurs face when they are first starting out or even just switching gears. It will provide you with the clarity you need to stop running with the crowd, find what’s truly blocking you from moving forward, and fully understanding the gifts that you want to share with the world!