Why Establishing A Routine Is The Key To Success When You Work From Home

When I first started working from home I basically threw my hands in the air when it came to keeping a routine. I slept in as late as my body wanted, I took breaks whenever I wanted, I stayed in my PJ’s all day… it was pretty fabulous. I was so tired of the corporate world dictating how I should live my day, how long I should spend working, and when I could eat. I was ready for total control of my life; to live it exactly the way I wanted.

How to Budget for a Fabulous Christmas

The holidays are usually a time of happiness and excitement, from the travel to parties to presents.  We are bombarded by what we should have, wear, buy, eat, and do.  It can blow your budget in an instant if you aren’t paying attention.  Here are some ways to have a great holiday season without breaking the bank in the meantime.

15 Tips for Hosting In A Small Space Like a Pro

The holidays are usually a very busy time and can get stressful so planning ahead is very important. If you know you are having house guests for a weekend or a week having the essentials is going to make the visit easier for everyone. Depending on who the guests are it may be easier or a little more strained. If you live in a small space it even more important to plan ahead. I have compiled a list of tips to help you and your guests enjoy the time.

Cyber Monday Offers You Can't Miss!

It’s Cyber Monday and It’s one of my favorite days of the year. I do most (if not all) of my shopping online, so the only thing that’s different is the amazing sales being offered! Here are some of my favorite resources and websites that I absolutely recommend checking out today!

How To Create Your Own Self Care Plan

Self care is vital for your individual health and happiness. Finding time for self care activities is hard enough, but finding reliable methods to turn to is even harder especially with busy schedule. Listen, I totally get it and wanted to provide you with a few tips that helped me create my own reliable self care plan. 

10 Great Gift Ideas For The Man Who Has Everything

I needed a list to find things for the man who has everything for this Christmas. I went through Amazon and found some great unusual gifts that will be possibilities on my Christmas list for 2017. I wanted to share my list in case you have that difficult person to buy for. Review the list and see if you can find any favorites.

Keep Your Money Story To Yourself

There's always been some sort of controversy surrounding the topic of money, especially if you're an entrepreneur. Everyone always wants to know how much you're making and how you made it so they can try to replicate the same results. And lately, there's been a push in marketing tactics to share your real and raw "money story" with your followers in order to increase followers, get clients, and attract abundance in your life. However, I think there's a way to share your story without the need to talk about money. 

Stop Stressing & Just Go With The Flow

How many times have you tried to sit down and create content, yet nothing feels right? It happens to me daily. It still stresses me out sometimes. But, I think I figured out why... I put too much damn pressure on myself to create content that I think you all want to see instead of focusing on exactly whatever it is I feel called to share with my readers.

Gift Guide for The Homebody In Your Life

We all have that person in our life who just never seems to leave the house! Lately, even I have found myself starting to transition into a homebody! I want nothing more than to curl up on the couch with a book in my hand. If you are a homebody, or know someone who is, then these gifts will be a perfect fit!